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Specific power of tank commander

We want you to enjoy the game, and we are the only one in Europe to introduce a specific player performance! This is a COMBAT system, where individual players have the opportunity to measure their strength among themselves.

What exactly is a specific power?

This is a set of attributes and results from your fight, which we have combined into one issue. Each player can have an overview of how good he was in a given fight. Each fight is unique and so your specific performance depends on the situation in the game, but mainly on your skills!


How does it work?

You don’t have to do anything at all just play and have fun! The tank you are fighting with during the fight will collect all the necessary information, which will be evaluated after the fight and you will get a unique indicator of your fighting skills!


What happens next after the game?

The system itself will assign you a military rank based on your combat performance.


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