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the RC online battle sollution



the first online RC Tanks battle system​

current version 1.0

the first and unique online solution
for RC tank battles

TOBiS was a first online battle system solution for RC tank battle. System run on wifi as LIFE DATA from RC tank (or other wehicle), and was fully compatible only with ELMOD. System was build as upgrade of standard ELMOD battle system.

Your infrared RC battle will gain a new dimension!

your RC  model send a life data from upgraded ELMOD board, and you see your combat statistics life on screen or TV

TOBiS processes and evaluates data in real time, display shows you „specific power“

TOBiS based on „specific power“ assign you commander rank

TOBiS graphic interface is realy simple

TOBiS can be used in all RC models with ELMOD boards. All boards needed upgrade and connect communicator